Our Vision

Providing leadership to advance the practice of reclamation and remediation of environmentally disturbed lands and waterways. CLRA/ACRSD is the leading Canadian organization in the field of land reclamation and remediation. It seeks to advance professional development and effective regulation in the field through partnerships, information exchange, and promotion of public understanding of the potential and practice of land reclamation.

Our Mission

CLRA/ACRSD fosters the planning, science, management, and promotion of land and waterway reclamation and remediation by facilitating information exchange among land reclamation practitioners within government, industry, academia, and the public. CLRA/ACRSD advances land reclamation and remediation excellence and improves the environment by:


as the national leader for land and waterway reclamation and remediation;


a strong network of chapters;


reviewing, & documenting reclamation and remediation standards;


education and development in professional land reclamation and remediation;


high-quality products, publications, and services relevant to the land reclamation profession;


strategic alliances to advance the understanding of land reclamation and remediation.

Our Values


Open exchange

of information among its members and the public to promote an understanding of land and waterway reclamation and remediation;


in the field of land and waterway reclamation;


with other organizations interested in land and waterway reclamation;


of a strong network of chapters across Canada;


for existing educational programs in land reclamation and related fields and encouragement for the formation of new programs as needed across Canada.