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Remember this story from the ARC2015 (2015 Atlantic Reclamation Conference and field tour) in Fredericton, New Brunswick?- and now you know “The rest of the story”.

There are many projects in our working lives that we hear about as being at a critical stage of a decision, but then we never find out the final decision and how the story ends.  New Brunswick was going through one of those situations back in 2014-2016 and the CLRA Atlantic Chapter ARC2015 event was held during the middle of the discussions.  Here is a short connection to what direction the Mactaquac Project has taken since ARC 2015.

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Farewell to Andy Etmanski

Being nominated to serve on a Board of Director’s for an organization is an honor.  It is recognition that, although you may excel in your field, you exhibit other characteristics which are seen as beneficial to furthering the goals and agenda of the organization.  For some, being on a board is a resume building activity; you expect to attend a few meetings a year and then vote of what information people give you.

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