Past CLRA Alberta Chapter Lunch & Learn Presentations


June 2019

Calgary - June 10 - Todd Martin, Senior Environmental Specialist, Encana - Soils Handling for Pipeline Construction – Tips From the Field

May 2019

Edmonton - May 23 - Jim Purves, B.Sc., P.Ag., Technical Resource Manager, North Shore Environmental Consultants Inc., Land Development: Reclamation/Remediation Stakeholders in a Challenging Economy

March 2019

Calgary - March 05 - Dr. Amanda Schoonmaker, B. Sc., Ph.D., Research Lead and NSERC Industrial Research Chair, Boreal Reclamation and Reforestation, NAIT Boreal Research Institute, Eckehart Marenholtz, B.Sc., M.Sc., Owner and Forest Reclamation Specialist, Chickadee Reclamation Services. Combining reforestation approaches: targeted utilization of native plants and herbicides to battle undesirable vegetation

November 2018

Edmonton - November 22 - Jerry Hanna, The use of environmentally safe flocculants, soiling binding / dewatering, and various soil erosion control strategies, VIEW PDF

January 2017

Edmonton - January 26 - Justin LeHoux, Technical Challenges of Large Scale Spill Response and Remediation Projects, Part 1, Part 2

April 2016

Edmonton - Susan McGillivray, Applying the Peatlands Reclamation Criteria for Wellsites and Associated Facilities to Minimal Disturbance Sites PDF

May 2016

Edmonton - Doug Bowes, Supporting Effective Post Construction Environmental Monitoring

January 2016

Edmonton - Wade Clark, Executive Director and Gerald Feschuk, P. Eng., Director, Special Advisory Services Energy & ESRD. Regulatory Enhance Project Presentaion

March 2014

Edmonton - Organics in Alberta