Past CLRA Alberta Chapter Lunch & Learn Presentations


November 2018

Edmonton - November 22 - Jerry Hanna, The use of environmentally safe flocculants, soiling binding / dewatering, and various soil erosion control strategies, VIEW PDF

January 2017

Edmonton - January 26 - Justin LeHoux, Technical Challenges of Large Scale Spill Response and Remediation Projects, Part 1, Part 2

April 2016

Edmonton - Susan McGillivray, Applying the Peatlands Reclamation Criteria for Wellsites and Associated Facilities to Minimal Disturbance Sites PDF

May 2016

Edmonton - Doug Bowes, Supporting Effective Post Construction Environmental Monitoring

January 2016

Edmonton - Wade Clark, Executive Director and Gerald Feschuk, P. Eng., Director, Special Advisory Services Energy & ESRD. Regulatory Enhance Project Presentaion

March 2014

Edmonton - Organics in Alberta